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First off Fantastic mini game you got here!

so the art i love it!, its simple and to the point, great work

the variety of fishes are also funny and great. the david schwimmer fish and the sus fish had me chuckling. the movement of the player was nice as well, simple and great. 

the only thing i didn't like was earing coin. there was no point to it. like maybe there would be another person who sells better fishing rods that you need to catch better, and rare fish. and you could of lean into more funny fishes that way.  and also some casual calming Background music would really boost this game up some more.

overall for a mini game not bad! i had fun. and you did a great job on most things here. great job! can't wait to see what you make of in the future!

thanks so much for the constructive feedback!! i 100% agree with your points here - i restricted my dev time to the weekend only and originally planned to include a bait system where you could use the coins to buy stuff but as it often happens i ran out of time to implement :P hopefully in a future update i can include an actual use for the coins!! 

i'm glad you enjoyed the fish, i saw this as largely an opportunity to improve on my pixel art and wanted to push myself in that area. 

thanks again for playing and for the feedback!! let me know if you ever want me to check out any of your projects :D 

definitely! Thanks and I'll post on Twitter if I need any feedback, I appreciate it